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Niles Crane : I know. It's my own fault.

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I had chance after chance to tell her how I feel, but I always kept my mouth shut. Martin Crane : Well, you can't regret what you said. Dr lady slimming was the right thing to do, and that's something I can always count on from you. Daphne Moon : [Niles thinks Daphne's mother is dying] Have you heard the news?

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Niles Crane : [hugs her] I just did, what can I say? Daphne Moon : Oh, I've thought about this day, ever since I was a little girl.

Slimming cercel ce dieta

Niles Crane : I'm sure you have. Daphne Moon dr lady slimming It's even better than I thought it would be!

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Frasier Crane : Niles, the fact is you don't know what causes these visions, and yet you still advised her to walk away from a wonderful relationship. It doesn't make you much of a psychiatrist.

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Niles Crane : That's your opinion. Frasier Crane : Yes well, here's a second opinion: it doesn't make you much of a friend. Niles Crane : Look Daphne, I've been thinking about our talk this afternoon.

I'm not sure I gave you the best advice I could have. Perhaps what you call a vision is really a fear - a fear of commitment, say.

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That would explain why these visions come to you when your relationships turn serious. Mind you, I can't tell you that Donny is the right person for you, but I wouldn't want you to end things with him for the wrong reasons. Niles Crane : [Niles advises Daphne against listening to her vision] Do you understand?

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Daphne Moon : [hiding her tears] Yeah, you're just like your brother after all. This afternoon you were just humoring me, weren't you? Niles Crane : No, Daphne. Daphne Moon : Look at the idiot from Manchester, she thinks she has visions!

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Niles Crane : No, no, all I'm saying is that I think there are psychological issues here that you just don't entirely appreciate. Daphne Moon : Well, how could I? I'm just some nut who believes in fate. Dr lady slimming, I've always followed my visions and [swelling up in the eyes] Daphne Moon : your pity's not going to change that. Niles Crane : It's just as possible that she knew those men were wrong for her.

Isn't that right, Dad? Martin Crane : [searching the room] Leave me out of this.

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I'm just looking for my TV Guide. Niles Crane : Well, I could use a little support here.

Martin Crane : [straightens up] Well, maybe that's why I said to leave me out of it. I'm sorry, Niles.

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I want you to be happy, but I'm with your brother on this. Daphne Moon : [Daphne is telling Niles about her vision] Well, then the vicar began the ceremony. He asked if anyone had a reason why we shouldn't wed and that's when this He said that he was the true love of my life, though he'd never had the courage to say so.

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Ah, I feel so awkward telling you all this.