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A charger that is suitable for one type of battery pack may create a risk of fire when used with another battery pack. Use of any other battery packs may create a risk eco subțire czy jest bezpieczny injury and fire. Shorting the battery terminals together may cause burns or a fire.

If contact accidentally occurs, flush with water. If liquid contacts eyes, additionally seek medical help. Liquid ejected from the battery may cause irritation or burns.

This will ensure that the safety of the power tool is maintained.

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Keep children and infirm persons away. When not in use, tools should be stored out of reach of children and infirm persons. Eco subțire czy jest bezpieczny charge the battery at a temperature of 10 — 40°C. A temperature of less than 10°C will result in over charging which is dangerous.

C99183391_CJ10DL_Press Instruction 18f1df050ab24518b3f2c436ecd26a0a

The battery cannot be charged at a temperature higher than 40°C. The most suitable temperature for eco subțire czy jest bezpieczny is that of 20 — 25°C.

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Do not use the charger continuously. When one charging is completed, leave the charger for about 15 minutes before the next charging of battery. Do not allow foreign matter to enter the hole for connecting the rechargeable battery.

Never disassemble the rechargeable battery and charger.

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Never short-circuit the rechargeable battery. Short- circuiting the battery will cause a great electric current and overheat.

It results in burn or damage to the battery. Do not dispose of the battery in fire. If the battery is burnt, it may explode. When cutting in wall, floor or ceiling, check for buried electric power cord, etc. Bring the battery to the shop from which it was purchased as soon as the post-charging battery life becomes too short for practical use.

Do not dispose of the exhausted battery. Using an exhausted battery will damage the charger. Do not insert object into the air ventilation slots of the charger. Inserting metal objects or inflammables into the charger air ventilation slots will result in electrical shock hazard or damaged charger.

When using this unit continuously, the unit may overheat, leading to damage in the motor and switch. Please leave it without using it for approximately 15 minutes. Wear earplugs to protect your ears during operation. Do not touch the blade during or immediately after operation. The blade becomes very hot during operation and could cause serious burns.

For the power supply and power consumption, refer to the label attached to the product. Lesen Sie die Sicherheitsanweisungen und Richtlinien.

Always hold the housing of the power tool firmly. Otherwise the counterforce produced may result in inaccurate and even dangerous operation.

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Remove the battery from tool or place the switch in the locked or off position before making any adjustments, changing accessories, or storing the tools. In the cases of 1 to 3 described below, when using this product, even if you are pulling the switch, the motor may stop.

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This is not the trouble but the result of protection function. When the battery power remaining runs out, the motor stops. In such case, charge it up immediately. If the tool is overloaded, the motor may stop. In this case, release the switch of tool and eliminate causes of overloading.

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After that, you can use it again. If the battery is overheated under overload work, the battery power may stop. In this case, stop using the battery and let the battery cool.

Furthermore, please heed the following warning and caution. In order to prevent any battery leakage, heat generation, smoke emission, explosion and ignition beforehand, please be sure to heed the following precautions. Make sure that swarf and dust do not collect on the battery.

Do not pierce battery with a sharp object such as a nail, strike with a hammer, step on, throw or subject the battery to severe physical shock.

Do not use an apparently damaged or deformed battery. Do not use the battery in reverse polarity.

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Do not connect directly to an electrical outlets or car cigarette lighter sockets. Do not use the battery for a purpose other than those specified. If the battery charging fails to complete even when a specified recharging time has elapsed, immediately stop further recharging.

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Do not put or subject the battery to high temperatures or high pressure such as into a microwave oven, dryer, or high pressure container. Keep away from fire immediately when leakage or foul odor are detected.